Try before you fly

Of course you want to be sure you’ve hired the correctly sized jacket and pants well before you hit the slopes, and we know that sometimes manufacturer’s sizes are inconsistent with one another.

Skismart can help by offering a FREE ‘try before you fly’ service in advance of your trip. How does this work?

  • Place an order for your ski clothing on the website, using the Size Guides to determine your required size
  • Tick the ‘try on this product’ box which appears below the price of each item, and check out as normal
  • We’ll send your order to you a clear 10 days before your departure date
  • If all items fit, great, keep everything for your holiday!
  • If not, let us know and we’ll immediately send different sizes or substitute items as required
  • Once you’re back from holiday, simply return all items to us via our free courier service

More details may be found in our FAQs section.