Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement

Before you place an order on our web site, please read the terms and conditions of this agreement. They may have changed since you last used these services.

Terms and Conditions

By placing an order on the web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept the terms you will not be permitted to hire. We reserve the right to change the content of this agreement in the future and such changes will immediately apply to the rental of any product.

These terms and conditions, regarding the Privacy Policy, are a legal agreement between the natural or legal person and SKISMART LIMITED, with registered offices at Turret House, Station Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0AB United Kingdom, and establish the terms and conditions under which you will submit information to, and hire clothing and receive related services from, SKISMART LIMITED via our web site at www.skismart.co.uk.

Our Services

This agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing your rental from SKISMART LIMITED. No other terms or conditions shall have any force or effect. In the event of inconsistency between the terms contained in this document and any other document or communication, this document shall prevail.

The customer must be:

  1. Legally capable of entering into a binding contract or contracts;
  2. At least eighteen (18) years old

The Terms of Use are governed by United Kingdom law. If any part of the Terms of Use are held to be unenforceable or in conflict with applicable law, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected.

If you have any questions regarding Terms of Use, please contact us by email at info@skismart.co.uk

Acceptance of Terms of Use

The site and its contents are the exclusive property of SKISMART LIMITED.

At first, you will not need to register to navigate the web site. However, to use SKISMART LIMITED services, you will need to complete our registration process and accept our Terms of Use.

Please understand that if you do not respect the Terms of Use of the site at all times, we may suspend or terminate your account.

SKISMART LIMITED is not required to preview, control or edit any content or statements made on the web site and we do not warrant that the web site will meet any expectations or requirements that you may have.

SKISMART LIMITED does not warrant that any content presented on the site is free of involuntary errors of any type. SKISMART LIMITED is not responsible for the infrastructure of the site and cannot ensure that the web site is available whenever you wish to use it.

SKISMART LIMITED is not responsible for damages or losses that may result from use of the site, such as problems with electronic systems, computer or telecommunications.

SKISMART LIMITED reserves the right, without previous notice, to suspend or discontinue the web site for maintenance, repair, alteration or modernisation at any time.

You may not use or exploit the web site for commercial or promotional purposes in any way, except where authorised by SKISMART LIMITED.

Skismart Services

Service Conditions

SKISMART LIMITED is a winter sports clothing hire platform.

The hired products are made available for a fixed period as confirmed when an order is placed. If the hire period is exceeded, the customer will be subject to penalties.


Customers wishing to place an order are required to register, providing accurate, complete and up to date information. Registered customers are able to update such details at any time.

You assume sole and exclusive responsibility for the confidentiality and security of your account information, especially your password.


All orders are subject to availability. If an order cannot be fulfilled, SKISMART LIMITED will endeavour to provide suitable alternative item(s) for your consideration.

The product range is liable to change at any time. The characteristics of an item are as described at the time of hire. All images found on the web site are illustrative only. Descriptions of the products do not assure conformity or suitability of a product for an exact purpose, neither must be free of unintentional errors.

The products listed on the web site are available for delivery within the United Kingdom only.

The product pricing is as displayed at the time of hire. Prices may be amended at any time by SKISMART LIMITED.


To proceed with any order, you must register and follow the hire process on the web site.

After you place the order you will receive an initial confirmation email. However, this does not mean that your order is accepted. Only a second email, with details of item(s) hired, expected date of despatch and payment, may be considered confirmation of the order.

A customer may not place a new order until the items hired in any and all previous orders have been returned.

Customers are advised to place orders as early as possible although orders will be accepted up to five (5) business days before the required date, subject to availability.

Contract Formation

The hire agreement between SKISMART LIMITED and the customer will only be formed when the second confirmation email is received, whether or not payment has already been made.


Orders may be cancelled up to fourteen (14) days before the date of delivery indicated in the confirmation email. The refund will be made to the original payment method.

Cancellations made less than fourteen (14) days before the date of delivery indicated on the confirmation email will attract no refund.

Availability and Delivery

If the items ordered are not available, or are not delivered within the requested time, SKISMART LIMITED will inform you and suggest one or more alternatives of similar style, quality and price. In such cases the customer may accept the suggestion, make a new request or cancel the order. If the order is cancelled prior to despatch, the customer will receive a full refund to the original payment method.


Prices (with VAT) include shipping and return delivery costs. They are per unit and may vary depending on items ordered. SKISMART LIMITED may change prices at any time although such changes will not affect orders already confirmed.

The customer is responsible for any loss, damage or destruction of any and all items hired. The customer is liable for the full cost of repair or replacement (at retail price), as applicable, as deemed necessary by SKISMART LIMITED in its sole and absolute discretion.

Under no circumstances are customers to attempt to clean or repair any items themselves.

Payment Terms

The customer will be charged in full when the order is placed.

SKISMART LIMITED will verify customer information and payment details on receipt of the order.


Delivery and Shipping

Delivery of confirmed orders will usually take place between three (3) and five (5) days prior to the commencement of the hire period. A signature will be required on receipt of items delivered by our courier service.


Return delivery is free of charge. Packaging and instructions are included within the parcel containing the hire item(s).

The items returned should be returned in full, free of any damage.

The customer has sole and exclusive responsibility for care of hire item(s) and is legally obliged to make prudent and appropriate use of the item(s) during the hire period.

If one or more items are returned in damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory condition SKISMART LIMITED has the right to apply financial penalties and / or to pursue the customer for compensation.


In the event that you fail to, or expect to fail to, return one or more items on time, you shall immediately inform SKISMART LIMITED via email (orders@skismart.co.uk). For late returns the following penalty provisions shall apply for each item:

  1. 1-8 days: £25 per day
  2. More than 8 days: amount calculated per 1, above, plus full retail value of item

If item(s) are not returned on time your account may be suspended or cancelled.

SKISMART LIMITED reserves the right to resort to legal action to recover the above costs and any other associated damages. In the event of default, details may also be passed to credit reference agencies and other interested parties.



Final Provisions

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge that the web site and all its contents, such as software, logos and images, are owned by SKISMART LIMITED or have been duly licenced.

You accept that intellectual property rights, that you must respect, protect the contents of this web site.

SKISMART LIMITED will manage the design, layout and all other information on this web site.

SKISMART LIMITED may, at any time, update, modify or delete any content, services, features or options.

You are not authorised to modify, change, copy, sell or use any content of this site without the consent of SKISMART LIMITED.

Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with legal provisions in force and our Privacy Policy.

To access SKISMART LIMITED’s services you must register and provide personal information. Unregistered customers may also provide personal data, in which case the same policies apply.

When you use SKISMART LIMITED’s services, you will also be required to provide valid credit card or other payment related information.

Your personal data will be processed and stored. SKISMART LIMITED uses such information to manage its contractual relationship with you. If you authorise it, SKISMART LIMITED may also use your information for marketing services through communications that do not need your intervention.

Under applicable law, you have the right to access, correct and update your personal data. To do so contact info@skismart.co.uk

SKISMART LIMITED has taken appropriate security measures. However SKISMART LIMITED cannot be held responsible for unauthorised use of your personal data by third parties.


SKISMART LIMITED may provide links to other web sites or commercial entities. These are not owned, operated or controlled by SKISMART LIMITED and therefore SKISMART LIMITED is not responsible for their content, conduct or performance.

Establishing links does not imply any relationship between SKISMART LIMITED and the owner or manager of the web site to which the link refers. You have sole and exclusive responsibility for the use of such links.


SKISMART LIMITED does not guarantee that the web site will operate without interruption.

SKISMART LIMITED will make all reasonable efforts to provide a continuous service and to provide error free content on the web site.

However, since SKISMART LIMITED cannot fully control the Internet’s flow of information, it cannot ensure that the web site is free of viruses or other elements that may harm your computer.

SKISMART LIMITED may, at any time and without prior notice, take steps to upgrade the security and structure of the web site, including restricting or limiting access.

Breach of Contract

If you do not comply with the rules and requirements in these terms, or if you fail to fulfil any conditions of the SKISMART LIMITED service, you may have your account suspended or cancelled.

SKISMART LIMITED is not responsible for any damages resulting from suspension or cancellation of your account.

SKISMART LIMITED can require you to remove or delete any content that you have made available through the web site when such content may  be deemed unlawful, obscene, malicious, or considered by a third party to be in violation of its rights.


You can cancel your account via email to info@skismart.co.uk. All outstanding payments relating to the account remain payable in full.


SKISMART LIMITED’s contractual liability is limited to the value of the confirmed order. SKISMART LIMITED is not accountable for any loss or damage arising from failure or delay in delivering services, or defective performance.

SKISMART LIMITED is not liable for:

  1. Any inaccuracies in information presented on the web site
  2. Damage caused by customers or third parties
  3. Failure of performance by suppliers, manufacturers or distributors
  4. The revocation or cancellation of orders by our suppliers
  5. Breaches of laws and regulations by a customer
  6. Service failures attributable to force majeure events such as fire, flood and natural disasters
  7. Service failures attributable to third party oversight, negligence or default

Communication and Notices

SKISMART LIMITED will notify customers via contact information provided. You must inform SKISMART LIMITED of any changes to such information. The account address will be used as a service address in the event that litigation proceedings are initiated.

Suspension and / or Termination of Service

At any time, SKISMART LIMITED may suspend or terminate operation of the web site. SKISMART LIMITED may also limit access to parts of the web site.

Suspension or termination of the site does not entitle customers to any form of compensation.